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About our Facility


Hydra's goal is to serve all people of all ages and abilities in the Lamar area. We started with just a small building and a little bit of equipment and are growing to meet the needs of our awesome community. We have the gym to keep you healthy, the tanning to keep you looking and feeling good, the supplements to give you the extra edge you need, the child room for the days you just can't get away, the group exercise that can be modified to fit anyone's need, and last but not least personal training for those who need a little extra attention. What ever you are looking for in a gym we have it, and it's all at a reasonable price! We are clean and very friendly with up to date equipment. 

Tanning and Supplements

We have two lay down tanning beds and 1 stand up tanning bed that members are free to use at any time. They are kept clean and with good fresh hot bulbs.


Supplements are here for the extra boost of energy for the rough days and for the healthy lean protein for the days that you only ate a cookie for lunch. You can absolutely have a good workout and get results without supplements, but that is like not taking the escalator... you get to the same place, just some get there faster and easier with a little help. 

Personal Training

Are you different from everyone else? Do you have an injury, or a special need, or just don't fit in the same box as everyone else? Personal training sessions are specifically built for each client. This is not a workout that is made up to try to fit everyone, it was made just for you and takes your needs and abilities into account

Personal Training is the single most effective and safest way to reach your fitness goals. If you have injuries or special needs this is the best choice for you. Everyone that took weights in High School thinks they know how you should work out, but exercise is like medicine, you don't want to take medical advice from someone who used to go to the doctor a lot... You want someone who is knowledgeable and someone you can have confidence won't hurt you.  

Fitness equipment and children's room

Our fitness equipment is new, clean and in good repair. We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our facility and the friendliness and customer service. Our equipment meets the needs of all people of all abilities.

Our unstaffed Children's room if available for those parents who just can't sneak away. We have Direct TV and free WiFi for the kids to hang out and watch or play with their toys. As parents ourselves we understand that sometimes you need some time to blow off steam, but can't get away from the kids. Now you have that option. 

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